Public Skating Stick Time


Sept 8-10
Heitz of Heaven Hockey Tournament

Sept 10
Heitz of Heaven Walk/Run

Sept 16-17
PIRHL High School Inline Hockey Jamboree
4th Annual Cornhole tournament....Sports Dome benefiting Veterans Place
Sept 18
PIHL High School Hockey League Begins

Sept 23
RMU Women vs Ryerson

Sept 28-Oct 2
USHL Fall Hockey Classic
14U & 16U Tier I

Sept 30
RMU Men vs Ottawa - 7:05PM
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  Hello Bob and Blaine,

I am writing to you today to express our sincerest thanks for all that you gentleman do for the kids. The quality of your program is second to none.
You were willing to give our son a chance to play in the lTP program at age 3.  Yes, he was and still is a knucklehead but the patience that you and your staff have shown him is worth more than words can say.
Coaching in the Crosby Mite 3 on 3 was an absolute blast.  They were a great group of kids and parents.  The ultimate success for our team wasn't winning but that 13 kids started week one and all 13 were still there for the end.  That is what it's all about.
We have registered Jaxton for the house league this coming fall.  Though there are programs closer to us, I cannot see our son growing up in any other program than yours.  It is amazing how a facility and program as large as RMU is able to keep a personal feel.  It truly is a special thing.  Keep up the great work.  

Thanks Again!
John and Jen Nemet

I just wanted to take a minute to formally thank you both for introducing Maddie into Blaine's Skills Clinic.  It was such a positive experience for her.  
Coach Bob - thank you for suggesting she try this as her introduction to hockey skills and taking the time to introduce her to Coach Blaine before hand.  She has really come to adore him, but I appreciate you recognize her shyness and taking the time to do that.  You already know how fond of you she is already!  You are a favorite.
Coach Blaine - from the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving Maddie this opportunity and for your patience and kindness to her throughout the weeks.  This was the very first time she was doing all of these skills and I don't know much about hockey, but I know my kid, and I know the smile on her face for that entire hour each Wednesday was very genuine.  You, the other coaches, the kids on the ice, and the families all were so supportive of her and welcoming and it was a great experience. If I thought she loved hockey before, that love has only been sealed. And I really feel like she learned so much.  You have become very special to her and I know she is looking forward to Hockey 3 and seeing you again.  
Maddie began telling us at age 2 that she wanted to play hockey.  At age 3 we agreed to let her learn to skate thinking there was no harm in that.  A year later at 4 1/2 here we are.  I never imagined it, but I am so glad that we chose RMU as the place to do it.  She has so many people that she has come to love and respect and it has been a wonderful start to this journey.  Sincerely, thank you for everything from both Sean and myself.  

Patty McGee
Maddie's Mom
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